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Orange County DUI Law Group: About the Firm

Established in order to defend individuals facing criminal charges, the Orange County criminal defense law firm of Orange County DUI Law Group is committed to representing individuals who are facing DUI/DWI charges throughout Orange County, California, including Newport Beach, Fullerton, Westminster, Santa Ana and Laguna Niguel.

The Orange County DUI attorneys and lawyers at Orange County DUI Law Group are not only experienced in defending driving under the influence charges, but the firm’s level of service and dedication to its clients has enabled them to achieve incredible results for a number of clients. DUI defense is the number one priority at our Orange County DUI law firm. When an Orange County DUI attorney or lawyer at Orange County DUI Law Group takes on a new case, our entire team backs it up, providing valuable support in investigation and preparation – so the lawyer has the best chance at success in negotiations or in court.

Orange County DUI Information

We have information regarding driving under the influence, penalties, laws and how an Orange County DUI attorney can help if you have been arrested for DUI. Click on one of the links below:

Orange County DUI Lawyer

There are a number of issues that a driver arrested for DUI will have to face. This includes a DMV hearing, license suspension, court appearances, police questioning, field sobriety tests, blood or breath testing, and much more. An Orange County DUI lawyer at Orange County DUI Law Group will understand how to advise a driver on what to do at each step of the entire legal process.

When you work with an Orange County DUI attorney or lawyer at our firm, you will have the dedicated representation of an experienced and aggressive attorney who will stand up for your rights and your freedom at every step of the DMV and criminal process.

Arrested for driving under the influence in Orange County, California? Contact an Orange County DUI lawyer at Orange County DUI Law Group today!