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DMV Hearings

DMV Hearing Defense Lawyers in Orange County, California

A DMV hearing is an important part of an Orange County DUI charge. Separate from the criminal court process and criminal DUI penalties, the DMV hearing is held regarding the suspension of an individual’s driver’s license. Also referred to as an administrative per se hearing or APS hearing, a DMV hearing is held at the regional Drivers Safety Office (DSO) of the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

A skilled Orange County DUI lawyer has a good chance of winning a DMV hearing, by providing the necessary information and proof that: the driver was not driving the vehicle, was not lawfully arrested or had a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of below .08%. The experienced and aggressive Orange County DUI lawyers and attorneys at Orange County DUI Law Group may be able to prove these by any of the following:

  • Proof that the blood test or breath test was administered improperly
  • An independent blood alcohol test which shows a lower result
  • Proof that the driver’s rights were violated before, during or after the DUI arrest
  • An unlawful police stop
  • Proof that the driver was not actually driving the vehicle

Orange County DMV Hearing Lawyer

Having a professional and experienced Orange County DUI lawyer present at your DMV hearing will have a positive impact upon your ability to have your driving privileges reinstated. Your Orange County DUI lawyer can help ensure that you can drive during the time period leading up to your court case. Additionally, the initial research and time that goes into defending DUI charges at a DMV hearing only benefit any criminal proceedings at a later date, resulting in a better chance of dropped charges or an acquittal.

DUI defense at a DMV hearing is just as important as defense at criminal proceedings, and the Orange County DUI attorneys and lawyers at Orange County DUI Law Group fight to offer clients excellent representation in every area of their Orange County DUI charge. We handle driving under the influence administrative per se hearings throughout Newport Beach, Fullerton, Westminster, Santa Ana, Laguna Niguel, and the rest of Orange County, California.

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