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Vehicle Seizure

Vehicle Seizure Defense Lawyers

In certain circumstances, an individual arrested for DUI may have his or her vehicle seized and impounded by law enforcement. An Orange County DUI attorney may be able to assist you not only in defending your driving under the influence charges, but also in helping you if your vehicle has been impounded.

Vehicle seizure is not only inconvenient for the registered owner, but it is expensive. You will be liable to pay for all towing and storage costs, in addition to any administrative fees. Worst of all, you will have no means of transportation while your car is in storage. This is why it is so important to consult an attorney or lawyer as soon as possible after an Orange County DUI arrest or vehicle seizure.

The Orange County DUI lawyers and attorneys at Orange County DUI Law Group are experienced in representing clients who have been charged with or arrested for driving under the influence, commercial DUI or under 21 DUI. Of the many DUI penalties a driver may face, vehicle seizure is expensive and problematic.  Our attorneys take on cases throughout Orange County, including Newport Beach, Fullerton, Westminster, Santa Ana and Laguna Niguel, California.

Vehicle Seizure & DUI in Orange County

When a driver has a prior DUI conviction on his or her record (from within the past 10 years) and is pulled over by law enforcement for suspected drunk driving, the officer may impound the driver’s vehicle if one or both of the following occur:

The following vehicle seizure penalties may be assessed in conjunction with an Orange County DUI:

  • 5 day vehicle impoundment if the driver has been once convicted of driving under the influence or underage DUI within the past 10 years.
  • 15 day vehicle impoundment if the driver has been convicted two or more times of driving under the influence or underage DUI within the past 10 years.

If your vehicle has been impounded in conjunction with a DUI arrest in Orange County, California, contact an Orange County DUI attorney at Orange County DUI Law Group today!