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An Orange County DUI lawyer at Orange County DUI Law Group can offer you a free case evaluation if you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) in or around Orange County, California. DWI and DUI are serious charges, and only an experienced and aggressive Orange County DUI attorney is likely to meet with success in court and at your DMV hearing.

For more information on DUI defense and how our Orange County DUI attorneys can help you, please visit our Orange County DUI lawyer website.

While our Orange County DUI lawyers and attorneys are happy to answer your questions one-on-one, we also have included some frequently asked questions below for your convenience. Feel free to contact an Orange County DUI attorney at our firm to see how we can help with your DUI defense.

What happens if I have multiple DUI offenses?
Multiple offenses will result in enhanced penalties for the driver who has been previously convicted for driving under the influence. When these convictions are within ten years of one another, the driver will face a longer prison sentence, extended license suspension, possible vehicle seizure and higher fines. An Orange County DUI lawyer may be able to contest previous convictions or defend current driving under the influence charges to help a client avoid these enhanced penalties.

What are the laws for a driver who is under 21?
A driver who is under 21 years old must not have a blood alcohol concentration of .01% or higher, whereas for a driver over 21, the limit is .08%. This is covered under California’s “zero tolerance” law. An under 21 DUI is a serious offense and can result in penalties similar to a typical driving under the influence charge, in addition to a minimum 1 year license suspension.

Do I have to submit to a breath test or blood test?
While you may refuse a blood test or breath test, this will result in the automatic suspension of your driver’s license and other penalties. California observes “implied consent” laws in this regard, meaning that if you have a driver’s license you are presumed to have agreed to submit to chemical testing to determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), if suspected of DUI.

Do I really only have 10 days to contact the DMV?
Yes. After a DUI arrest, the driver must contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles and schedule a hearing. If a driver does not schedule this hearing within 10 days of his or her arrest, his license will be suspended on the 30th day after the date of his or her arrest – no matter the outcome of the criminal trial. An Orange County DUI attorney can schedule and represent the driver at the DMV hearing, to contest the suspension of their license.

I don’t think I can afford an attorney. What can I do?
At Orange County DUI Law Group, we offer experienced, aggressive and affordable legal services. We may be able to start defending your DUI charges with a down payment of only $200, and we have payment plans available. It is our goal to provide excellent legal representation at an affordable price. Contact an Orange County DUI lawyer or attorney at our firm to see how we may be able to work within your budget!

Orange County DUI Law Groupis a criminal defense law firm with offices in Newport Beach, California. Our Orange County DUI attorneys and lawyers represent clients throughout Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Westminster, Laguna Niguel and Fullerton.

Have you been arrested for DUI in a city or state outside of California? Our DUI lawyers have relationships with dozens of firms outside the state that may be able to help with your case. Below are several links to websites for other DUI attorneys that we recommend.

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