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Blood Test / Breath Test

Orange County DUI Attorneys

Blood Test & Breath Test Defense Lawyers in Orange County, California

Contesting blood test and breath test results is an essential part of what an Orange County DUI attorney must do. A breath test, or breathalyzer test, is the most common type of test administered to drivers in Orange County suspected of driving under the influence. A blood test may be administered if the driver requests it, and a urine test is usually administered in the case of a driving under the influence of drugs charge.

The Orange County DUI attorneys and lawyers at Orange County DUI Law Group are familiar with defending clients who have failed blood or breath tests, meaning their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was determined to be .08% or higher. In the case of a commercial vehicle DUI, this level may not be .04% or higher; and for an under 21 DUI, cannot be .01% or higher. The blood alcohol level of an individual is a major part of any driving under the influence charge, and our Orange County DUI defense lawyers understand this. We therefore utilize a number of DUI defenses to contest the validity of these tests and their results and work to have blood alcohol evidence suppressed in the cases we take on.

Blood test and breath test results, along with field sobriety test results, are key in a DMV hearing. The DMV hearing is held to contest the suspension of the individual’s driver’s license and relies solely upon physical evidence. Our Orange County DUI attorneys’ ability to prove that breath test, blood test or urine test results are inaccurate will mean the difference between an individual keeping his or her license and having it suspended.

Orange County Breath Tests

As breath tests, or breathalyzer tests, are most commonly administered in Orange County DUI arrests, it is important to understand how these tests may be inaccurate. A breath test machine takes a sample of the driver’s breath and uses this to determine the percentage of alcohol in the individual’s blood. These test results may vary depending upon the amount of breath the individual blows into the machine, as well as how recently he or she consumed alcohol. Weight, metabolism, body temperature and a medical condition may affect the results of a breath test.

Whether you have submitted to a breath test or blood test in accordance with an Orange County, California DUI arrest, an attorney at Orange County DUI Law Group can help. Contact an Orange County DUI attorney at our firm today!