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Commercial Vehicle DUI

Commercial DUI Defense Lawyers in Orange County, California

A commercial driver depends upon his or her ability to drive in order to make a living. When a driver is facing commercial DUI charges, his livelihood is on the line.

An Orange County commercial DUI attorney at Orange County DUI Law Group may be able to help you avoid a driving under the influence conviction, enabling you to continue making a living and doing what you do best.  Our Orange County DUI attorneys understand the impact a DUI arrest can have upon any driver, particularly one who drives a commercial vehicle for a living. By providing aggressive DUI defense during criminal proceedings and at the DMV hearing, our lawyers work to prevent the suspension of your license as well as criminal penalties (fines, jail time, community service, counseling, etc.)

Orange County DUI law varies slightly for commercial vehicle drivers. For instance, a commercial driver with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .04% or higher may be arrested for drunk driving. This is half the legal limit for non-commercial drivers. These cases will come down to the blood test or breath test results that were used to determine the driver’s blood alcohol level, as well as any field sobriety test results. The Orange County DUI attorneys and lawyers at Orange County DUI Law Group understand how to use these tests in a client’s favor, in order to prove that their BAC was below the legal limit. This may be done by proving the tests were administered improperly or that the machine used to conduct the testing was improperly calibrated (and thus the test results are inadmissible.)

Orange County Commercial DUI Convictions and License Suspension

As with a non-commercial DUI, a commercial driver will face a DMV hearing wherein the suspension of their license will be decided. An Orange County commercial DUI attorney can represent a driver at this hearing, giving them the best opportunity of reaching a successful outcome and having their license reinstated. Without the help of an attorney, a commercial truck driver may face the following suspensions of their Commercial Class A driver’s license:

  • 1st Commercial DUI Offense: 1 year license suspension
  • 2nd Commercial DUI Offense: minimum 2 year license revocation
  • 3rd Commercial DUI Offense: minimum 3 year license revocation

Criminal DUI penalties associated with a commercial vehicle DUI include jail time, fines, court fees, community service, alcohol counseling or rehabilitation, and more. Additional penalties will be assessed if an injury or death occurs as a result of the commercial vehicle DUI.

Don’t plead guilty if you have been accused of an Orange County commercial DUI! Instead, consult an Orange County DUI lawyer at Orange County DUI Law Group for a free case evaluation regarding your particular situation.

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