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DUI Appeals

Appeals Lawyers in Orange County

After a DUI conviction, an individual may file an appeal. The Orange County DUI attorneys and lawyers at Orange County DUI Law Group are experienced in helping clients with DUI appeals in Southern California. A DUI appeal may be a time-consuming and complex legal process, and thus it is to the individual’s benefit to consult an aggressive and knowledgeable driving under the influence attorney as soon as possible. There are certain guidelines and procedures which must be followed in filing a DUI appeal, and there is specific information which must be given to the court to prove the valid reason or reasons for an appeal. Only an experienced attorney or lawyer will be able to provide effective representation in the case of an Orange County DUI appeal.

At Orange County DUI Law Group, our Orange County DUI attorneys and lawyers handle DUI appeal cases throughout Orange County, including Newport Beach, Fullerton, Westminster, Laguna Niguel and Santa Ana. If you have received a conviction for a driving under the influence offense, an attorney at our firm may be able to help. Our understanding of the California appellate process and our dedication to our clients’ cases has enabled us to secure outstanding results for many of our clients throughout Orange County.

Grounds for an Orange County DUI Appeal

A DUI appeal may be filed based upon an error or misconduct during the original criminal trial. The valid grounds for a DUI appeal include the following:

  • Constitutional rights violation
  • The defense lawyer was so ineffective so as to negatively affect the outcome of the trial
  • The judge admitted evidence which should not have been admitted
  • The judge gave incorrect instructions to the jury
  • The jury found guilty even though there was a lack of evidence to do so
  • The prosecuting attorney withheld evidence from the defense
  • The sentence was too harsh, in regards to law or guidelines in this matter
  • Someone on the jury was using drugs or alcohol during the trial

By reviewing court transcripts and all information associated with your original DUI case, an Orange County DUI appellate lawyer at Orange County DUI Law Group will work to build proof of the need for an appeal and will take the appeal through the entire process in order to help you get a successful outcome.

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